Facilitating Hiring & Recruitment, Worldwide!


Facilitating Hiring & Recruitment, Worldwide! 
Centraprise has sparked a revolution in technical hiring and corporate staffing ecosystem, since its inception. By connecting highly-skilled professionals with progressive businesses, we have built an inclusive hiring network that spans across the globe. 
We aren't just facilitators but your ambition partners. We go beyond the call of duty to help you in hiring the right resource or finding the dream job. We are at both ends of the recruitment value chain, leaving us in a great position to help both job seekers and job givers. 
Whatever your hiring needs are, Centraprise can find the right resource for you. And if you are a job seeker, we can help you find a job that suits your skills, aptitude and ambitions! 
As a professional staffing solutions provider, we are committed to finding the right talent for the dynamic needs of employers. For the corporates, we serve as an effective recruitment partner, understanding their hiring needs, core business requirements to find the right resource. 
We have facilitated traditional, professional, technical and management staffing across a wide range of industries including aerospace, automotive, banking, finance, healthcare, telecom, insurance, hospitality, retail and manufacturing. 
For job seekers, we are an ideal platform to find the most rewarding employment opportunities. Using our network, you can find the perfect job and fulfil your dream of working in a growing startup, established corporate or a challenging industry. 
Finding the right job is a challenging journey with low chances of being successful. Thus, we serve as a supportive partner that motivates you to keep going towards grabbing the job role you deserve. Our global consultant and the corporate network is designed to help professionals work and grow, easily. So, when you are confused, someone from Centraprise will always be there to lend a keen ear and supportive shoulder.