All you need to know about Custom Software Development!

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For companies, usually, it's not that simple to switch to a Custom Software Solution from existing traditional software. Nevertheless, looking at the emerging needs of customers, organizations worldwide require unique solutions to fulfill the requirements. Every company has its requirements and challenges and readymade software may not serve the purpose effectively. In that case, Custom Software Development could be a lifesaver for such companies as a tailored software can be developed based on the requirements which would diminish the hassles. Also, custom software development solutions will give you plenty of opportunities to streamline your business process to enhance productivity and make your organization financially more rewarding. 

What is Custom Software Development?

Custom software solutions include creating digital products such as mobile, web, and desktop apps for particular users or organizations.

For an instance, you have a warehouse company and you require a mobile application to help employees navigate between the racks and organize goods quicker. In this case, the app you require should be designed to help with specific tasks:

  • It should minimize the time taken to organize and move goods between the racks
  • It should be accessible to all the employees whoever has to manage the warehouse not just the warehouse employees

What are the differences between Custom Software and Readymade Software?

A ready-made application or software may lack the features you need but have the ones you don’t actually need. This tells you that you are paying a price to use just a few features while others remain useless.

In the same way, if you have any specific requirements for the application's UI design. For an instance, you’re designing a healthcare application for people with health issues such as color blindness or low vision.

Then custom, inclusive UI/UX design is necessary. Not many corporate software developers can brag about their products being inclusive.

Designing a custom software or application means creating whatever app or website you like, with your favorite colors, icons, and other elements within your interests. This way, your product is designed exclusively for your internal or external users to meet their particular needs.

Below are the well-known types of internal custom software or applications:

  • CRM systems
  • Accounting software
  • Marketing management tools
  • Task management software
  • HRM/onboarding software

To produce custom software, you need to research well, first. As it is internal software, talk to your staff, analyze the reports and statistics. That will help you understand what kind of features and functionality your product should contain.

Here’s how custom software is created:

  1. Research. Describe the business goals, analyze current solutions and their functionality

  2. Planning. Gather the information, document project requirements, and create wireframes.

  3. UI/UX design. Designing the software screen-by-screen.

  4. Software engineering. Coding, testing, and debugging.

  5. Release and maintenance. Releasing mobile applications on app stores, publishing web apps, endless bug-fixing, and upgrades.

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